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About the Program

Kay with studentsIn creating and facilitating the Life and Work Skills Program, Lennar has made a lasting impact in the lives of 240 students with intellectual disabilities who have graduated from this program over the years. We do this by teaching skills used in an office environment and in our homes. In 2020, the program will consist of one class per month for six months. The classes focus on specific skills taught by Lennar Associates, such as office services, computer training, interviewing, managing money, communications, photocopying and scanning, dressing for success, and cooking. The curriculum is designed to teach basic job skills and mimic the steps necessary to apply for a job. We also place a strong emphasis on building self-esteem by discussing and overcoming hurdles such as the fear of public speaking – a struggle for many people. We cheer for each student and foster an environment of support and encouragement in which students thrive. Lennar Associates focus on what these adults with intellectual disabilities can do rather than what they can’t do – and teach them valuable skills that will last throughout their lifetime.

This program was conceived by Bob Strudler in 2005 as a way of providing a bridge to the workplace for people with intellectual disabilities. Since its inception, hundreds of Lennar Associates and other volunteers have been given the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the students, their families and coaches. The 16th year will begin in February 2020 with 15 new students. We continue to teach the basics while challenging our students with new and relevant information.

The program includes Lennar Associates from the Texas Region, Lennar Houston, Village Builders Houston, Friendswood Development Company, Universal American Mortgage Company Houston and North American Title Company Houston, as well as many family members and friends.